1. Hardware requirements

Users should have a high quality webcam and make sure they are well lit. The Logitech Pro range of webcams is used internally. If lighting is insufficient it may result in blacked out video or low frame rates.

A good microphone is important as it provides a high fidelity audio experience. When using a headset the user should make sure their mic is close to their mouth and their headset mic is selected.

If users are experiencing audio echo they should ask everyone in the conversation to use headphones. This includes users on mobile devices using ‘speakerphone’ functionality. Remember, if the end user is hearing echo it is because the person they are talking to is not wearing headphones.

Any 2 Ghz Dual Core Processor or greater will suffice for VGA video at 14 frames per second. For higher video resolutions and higher frame rates, a more powerful processor is recommended.

2. Bandwidth requirements

Conversations – 500kbps up and down
Although the system can adapt to bandwidths as low as 100kbps, we recommend at least 500kbps is available to the user on both their uplink and their downlink

3. Network requirements

If users are behind a firewall, as is usually the case in the enterprise, it is required that then following ports are made available.

  • For audio streaming – UDP 540
  • For video streaming – UDP 541

We also require access to the TCP ports listed below:

  • For updating, streaming fallback – TCP 80 (HTTP)
  • For management and streaming fallback – TCP 443 (HTTPS)