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What can I do about my depression and anxiety after trying so many things?

I have terrible anxiety and depression. I've tried various therapists and pills, but nothing's helped.

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What can I do about my partner's parents not liking me?

I'm in my early 20s. My ex's parents are friends with them and have told them bad things about me. I left my ex due to a...

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What can I do about my roommate's drinking problem?

My roommate has had a drinking problem for a while. She goes out, gets trashed, and then expects everyone to take care o...

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What can I do if I need to talk to someone but I have no money?

I am broke, but I am sure I have been depressed for the past couple of years. I have always had anxiety. I just need som...

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What can I do if my coworkers accuse me of mood swings?

My coworkers are making false statements about me to the boss, saying I have mood swings. They have no proof to back it...

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