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There's this girl I've been dating for months

We went out had great sex and I was really liking her. Then one day she says we should just be friends, but I can't stop...

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Thoughts of afterlife causes anxiety

Sometimes I can't stop thinking about life after death. I was raised in a religion that teaches that we will live on for...

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Unethical Therapy Practices

What do you do when a therapist and a parent drugs a child and makes up lies in order to stop the other parent's custody...

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What are some physical signs of psychosis?

I just need to know if I'm really crazy or not.

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What are the best ways to reduce anxiety?

I have anxieties about everyday stressors, i.e. finances, work, relationships, kids, and maintaining a household.

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What are the general prognosis for ultradian cycling bipolar to mix with coexisting mild borderline personality disorder, anxiety, PTSD

Current medications are: topamax, ativan, brintellix, lamictal, restoril, abilify, tx: long term dbt, cbt

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