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Should I take my daughter to therapy?

My daughter didn't see her biological father for the last three years. She doesn't want to see him because she remember...

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Should I talk honestly to my brother about his girlfriend, risking our own relationship?

My older brother (in his 60s) started dating a lady with Asperger's. She is hyper-sexual and flirty. She does not unders...

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Should I tell my kids that Santa is real after their dad told them he is not?

My ex-husband told my two adolescents that Santa doesn't exist on the day before Christmas. They are desperate to hold o...

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Should my step-daughters be told that their step-father has a child pornography addiction?

My husband's ex-wife married a man who was charged with seven felony counts of pandering involving a minor. He, by his o...

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Should my wife and I seek any kind of counseling if she is convinced our marriage is over and has turned romantic love into platonic love?

Over the course of a few days, my wife was unsure about her feelings for me due to constant intimacy issues. After she t...

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Should we put off kids until my husband is mentally cured?

My boyfriend is seeking therapy. He is in his 40s and has some childhood issues. He has kids from his previous ex-wife a...

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