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Should I go back on my medicine?

I have experienced cycles of depression for the past four years, and it hits me harder every time it comes back. This pa...

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Should I just move on from my demanding girlfriend?

My girlfriend and I have broken up and gotten back together numerous times in the past two years. We recently just broke...

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Should I leave my boyfriend?

My boyfriend has a child he gets every other weekend. He goes to see her twice a week or more. Every time she leaves, he...

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Should I let my boyfriend go?

I'm an early 20 something year-old virgin, and my boyfriend is in his early 20s with kids. He's cheated on me twice: onc...

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Should I message my crush?

I have had a crush on this guy for years. I last talked to him a few years ago when we graduated from high school. We le...

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Should I move on from my ex-husband?

My husband and I are separated. He says he needs some time apart. He says he needs to get back the “in love” part of a r...

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