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Should I be upset that my husband may have lied to me again?

I'm trying to make marriage work after a split. Before our split, he lied a lot and broke every promise to me. I don't t...

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Should I break up with my live-in girlfriend?

I'm a male in my 20s. My girlfriend is in her late 30s. She's great. She's funny and smart, she has a big heart, and we...

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Should I feel guilty if my adult daughter cannot afford to go on a family vacation?

I have four children. One of them is in her 20s, and she cannot afford to go, nor can I pay for her. She went last year...

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Should I get a divorce?

I have cheated on my husband of five years roughly ten times. I pretend we aren't married at my work. Recently, he has c...

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Should I get a new therapist?

I have an eating disorder of binging. I've had gastric sleeve surgery. I need help with issues of abuse as a child, addi...

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Should I get back together with my ex-boyfriend who has trust issues?

My ex-boyfriend and I met over a year ago. We hit it off and fell in love pretty quick. However, he has trust issues and...

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