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My wife won't do things she used to do

There are intimate things she did early in the relationship, and things she had once agreed to try that she will not do...

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No matter what I do, my mom will almost always find something wrong with it

My mother has Alzheimer's and she has become so nasty and mean to everyone and she always asks for unrealistic, silly or...

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Our grandson wants to talk to his estranged mom

We are the legal guardianship of our grandson. He has been acting out, and he wants to talk to his mom that has not talk...

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People make me sick

I have several issues like I don't like people. They make me sick. I have issues with talking to people. I feel like the...

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Relationships cause me anxiety and nausea

I am in high school and have been facing anxiety issues lately. Whenever I get close to being in a relationship, some ki...

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Should I be concerned that my boyfriend will not introduce me to a female friend

He goes out with her to dinner/brunch/movies when we are not together (we live 2 hours apart).

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