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My wife doesn't want to have sex

My wife and I have a great relationship except for our sex lives. We are pretty transparent and honest, and basically, s...

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My wife has a diminished libido, and is faking orgasms and denying it. What do I do?

My wife and I are newly married, about 2 months. We've had some issues surrounding sex, particularly her lack of libido....

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My wife is cheating and won't tell me the truth

I found out today that my wife is cheating on me. I love her, but she won't tell the truth even when I have proof. When...

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My wife no longer wants sex

I crave attention, companionship, and sex. She has had a hysterectomy, and she has a bad knee.

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My wife outed me to her sister

What should I do when we see each other?

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