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My parents are threatening to get rid of the only things I still care about

The last of my emotions belong to my pets. Today my dad said he might get rid of them tomorrow. If that does happen I mi...

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My parents are threatening to send me away if I don't play basketball for a team I hate

I'm applying to private high schools. I'm playing basketball on my school team currently, and I love it. I also play on...

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My parents aren't letting my boyfriend and I talk or see each other while I'm pregnant

I'm a senior high school student. I'm also five months pregnant. I got pregnant by my boyfriend of three years. My paren...

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My partner is bored of being intimate with me

My partner and I have had an amazing relationship and connection for over two years. We're very committed to each other...

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My relationship feels off and I feel insecure

My girlfriend's grandma passed away 5 months ago. They were very close. She took care of her till she died. Things kinda...

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My sexual partner wants me to reimburse him on a hotel room

I was having a sexual relationship with a coworker. He decided he was going to get a hotel room for the weekend. Before...

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