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My husband works all the time and neglects his family

My husband always works. He does work from home, but his hours are from morning until night, and he neglects his family....

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My husband yells “enough” when I tell him he needs to change

That phrase makes me crazy. It happens anytime I point out something to my husband that he needs to change, such as look...

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My mentally-ill mother-in-law wants to babysit

My mother-in-law is mentally ill. She has been for most of her life. She cuts herself. She has been in and out of psychi...

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My new husband constantly talks to himself

However, it seems as though he is really talking to someone other than himself. I have even accused him of having a secr...

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My new husband is constantly talking to himself

When I ask him who he is talking to, he tells me no one. But, it sounds like he is holding a conversation with someone....

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My parents are getting a divorce and I feel depressed

I am going through a very hard time and I'm so depressed. My parents are getting a divorce and a lot of bad things are h...

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