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My husband and I can't talk to each other without arguing

Every time I speak, he says I anger him. Also, when he's mad at something, like work, he gets angry at me. I feel like w...

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My husband doesn't include me in the family

I've been hurt by a man for five years. He doesn't involve me with the family or kids. Everyone in the family is against...

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My husband doesn't trust me

My husband doesn't trust me for some past we had. I know all marriages have their ups and downs, but sometimes, I feel I...

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My husband is harsh towards our son and threatened me

Tonight, my husband seemed to put our son down through an incorrect approach. His approach was perfectly wrong. I found...

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My husband makes me uncomfortable about sex

Both of my parents committed suicide together, and I was the one who found them. I suffer from overwhelming depression,...

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My husband only has sex with me once a month or less

I'm feeling rejected and frustrated. This is not new. The first month we were together, sex was about every day. Then it...

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