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My friends accusing me of having problems

They're calling me names like hypocrite and a baby even when they act in the same manner as I do. I'm tired of being cal...

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My friends don't put effort into our relationship

It's really hard to not have negative feelings about friends who don't put any effort into nourishing our relationship.

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My girlfriend broke up with me but I want her back. What do I do?

Me and my girlfriend just broke up. She said she loves me but is not in love anymore. This came out of nowhere. We seeme...

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My girlfriend can't stand it when I touch her

My girlfriend was abused as a child. Now, if I hug or touch her in any kind of way she says she feels as if she is being...

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My girlfriend is always accusing me of cheating on her when I haven't

Over a year ago I had a female friend. She turned out to be kind of crazy so I decided to stop talking to her. When she...

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My husband and I are separated. I'm so scared of getting divorced

I keep on begging him to come back. I am so unhappy with him but am so scared of being a single parent to our son. I was...

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