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My ex-boyfriend wouldn't let me have my daughter because I didn't know my stepdaughter's pick-up details

I am constantly having problems with the same two people who will always be in my life. I had a daughter with my ex-boyf...

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My father has always been horrible to me

My suppose-to-be father told me to go find my real dad. We haven't been getting along since I was a teenager. If I said...

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My fianc cheated. How can we mend our relationship?

I'm in a relationship with my fianc and I currently found out that she's been cheating on me with a co-worker. I was ver...

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My fianc is trying to hide that he's texting his ex-girlfriend

My fianc doesn't think I trust him because I was cheated on before. However, he hides his phone and has been texting his...

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My fianc's ex-husband shows up unannounced

he just walks in the house whenever he wants to see his kids. My fianc tells me it makes her angry and doesn't like it,...

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My friend had lied about every aspect of her life—what do I do?

She has lied about every aspect of her life. She's created three fake relationships. The most recent one is concerning b...

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