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My daughter-in-law is smoking marijuana while pregnant

My new daughter-in-law just informed me that she is smoking marijuana while pregnant because of her morning sickness. I'...

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My ex left without fully explaining but I feel broken and empty

About 5 months ago my ex left without fully explaining why. For me it seemed out of the blue. I don't miss her as much a...

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My ex-boyfriend and I broke up about 3 months ago and now he wants me back

I'm currently dating someone else and I really like him. But I love and miss my ex so much. What do I do?

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My ex-boyfriend is with someone new, and it hurts

I just got out of a two year relationship. I broke up with my boyfriend because he wasn't showing any affection at all....

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My ex-boyfriend put himself on a dating website because he thought I wasn't interested

I have been seeing this guy for a little over a year. Back in August, he asked for us to step back for now. Since then,...

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My ex-boyfriend say we're finished but still acts like we aren't

I've been with a man for four years. For the last year, he has said he is done, but he still talks, texts, visits, and h...

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