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My brother's ex-girlfriend doesn't want her son to see us anymore

My brother just broke up with his girlfriend. While they were dating for the past two years, her son spent the weekends...

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My child urinated in his mother's drink

Just wondering if this is a deviant act, and if I should be concerned for him. He isn't quite 10.

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My companion tells me he wants nothing to do with me

Then turn right back around and say he loves me and needs me. This rollercoaster is crazy.

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My daughter calls me crazy, and I'm not sure how to handle that

I am divorced and happily remarried. Our blended family of children are in their 20s. My youngest, age 20, continues to...

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My daughter is in her 30s, not married, and pregnant. How can I break the news to the family?

She is living with her boyfriend of seven years. He is in therapy for depression and social anxiety. He hasn't worked in...

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My daughter won't stop stealing and lying

Her father and I have been dealing with this problem for quite some time now. She is an adolescent, and the problem is m...

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