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My boyfriend says he doesn't like to do things with me because we fight too much

He owns his own business. Sometimes, he stays out all night but doesn't tell me. We have a son together, and I get to st...

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My boyfriend says he needs time to think about us

I found out my boyfriend takes anti-depression medicine. Lately he's been saying he has a lot on his mind, and he needs...

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My boyfriend thinks he's perfect and puts his friends before me

My boyfriend's sneaky and puts his friends before me. He fights just to leave. One day, he's happy. The next, he's mean...

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My boyfriend wants me to sign a contract of things not to do

I was texting a guy who wasn't my boyfriend, and my boyfriend found out. We work together, so he went to work and told e...

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My boyfriend wants to know every details of my sex life

We've been dating for two months now. I have a heavy past that gets him angry. Does he have a right to penalize me for t...

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My brother never hangs out with me anymore

I am a teenager, and my brother is a few years older. He has a girlfriend who is always with him. He never hangs out wit...

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