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How can I avoid becoming wrapped up in family issues and control my anxiety about them?

I started dating my two years ago. My first cousin is married to my 's sister. There has always been a communication iss...

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How can I avoid family members who stress me out?

My mother takes care of niece whom my sister abandoned. She calls me every day complaining, but I don't want to hear it...

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How can I avoid having past traumatic experiences affect my present and future?

I have family issues, and my dad was both violent and a cheater.

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How can I be happier and healthier?

I've tried working out and eating fruits and vegetables, but I always seem to eat the junk in the house.

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How can I be happy again?

At school, it feels like I've lost all my friends, and I've been really weird with my sleeping patterns. I used to cut m...

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How can I be happy as a stay-at-home mom?

Over the years, I have slowly lost everything: my jobs, my cars, my freedom, and my money. I am a stay-at-home mom who d...

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