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Is self-diagnosing okay?

I'm currently struggling with diagnosed depression, anxiety, and Misophonia. Also, I am 99% sure I have Borderline Perso...

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Is there a lawsuit for counselors and therapists who failed to report a relapse?

I have a relative who is in his twenties. He was in a drug rehabilitation program and got kicked out for using drugs aga...

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Is there a reason I have always been attracted to men much older then me?

I am a young adult, and I was sexually assaulted by an older man when I was a teenager (which has really intensified the...

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Is there anything I can do about my depression and anxiety?

I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for a number of years. I have been on medication, but lately my depressi...

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Is there anything I can do about my therapist blocking my psychiatric services?

I had a dispute with my therapist regarding an appointment cancellation. Now, she is blocking me from seeing other psych...

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Is there anything I can do to help my siblings escape our emotionally abusive father?

I'm in college currently, so I am not a direct victim anymore. My father is very abusive with his words and actions, and...

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