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Is my depression sabotaging my job search?

I keep feeling paralyzed and unsure during interviews. Previous jobs have fired me for lack of performance, and five emp...

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Is my ex-boyfriend a pathological liar?

I have an ex-boyfriend who just lies about everything. He is super lazy. He lies to everyone that he has a good job, bui...

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Is my husband having a midlife crisis?

My husband told me last year he never loved me and should have never married me. He's been talking about divorce, but he...

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Is my relationship with my stepdad normal?

My stepdad and I always mess around. I've noticed that whenever he playfully hits me, it's always my butt that he hits....

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Is my therapist telling my abuser the results of my test a HIPAA violation?

After a domestic abuse situation, I went to a therapist, and then my husband went. The therapist discussed her assessmen...

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Is screaming and cussing at your child considered emotional abuse?

My dad is always, and I mean always, cussing and screaming at me for no reason at all. He makes me feel stupid. He also...

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