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Is it unethical to have a relationship with a fellow counselor?

Does this go against any ethical codes? Are there legal ramifications?

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Is it weird or dangerous to give myself advice through an imaginary friend?

I'm a teenager, and I created a sort of imaginary friend to help me cope with stressful situations or if I'm worried or...

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Is it wrong that I don't love or even like my sister?

I don't love my sister. I would never wish her harm, but if I could, I would wish for us not to be related. Is this crue...

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Is it wrong to be antisocial around people?

I've been getting told lately by my partner that it's embarrassing that I'm so antisocial around his family and friends....

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Is it wrong to cheat on my husband?

We don't have sex a lot. I cheat when we argue. I don't kiss or have unprotected sex with them. It's a one time thing, a...

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