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Is it normal to hate my mom?

She has chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, and I'm her caregiver. All she does is complain, hit me, call...

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Is it normal to take a parent role and feel so hurt and broken as a teenager?

I'm a teenager. My dad has been jail for the last five years. It's tough, but my mom really tries to give a normal life...

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Is it okay for my girlfriend to have sex with other men since I can't sexually perform?

I am currently suffering from erectile dysfunction and have tried Viagra, Cialis, etc. Nothing seemed to work. My girlfr...

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Is it okay if I take my friend's pills away?

My friend is abusing her prescription medicine. Even though she told me she didn't have any more pills, I found she has...

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Is it okay to date my ex-boyfriend's cousin?

I have been dating my ex-boyfriend's cousin for a few years. We have gotten pretty serious. He wants to cut it off becau...

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Is it possible for a person to stop feeling emotions?

I was raped a couple months ago, Since then, along with other unfortunately events that have occurred, I have been havin...

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