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Is it normal for my mom to get mad easily?

It happens especially at me and my sister, and then she gets emotional and brings up the past. How should I deal with it...

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is it normal not to feel empathy?

I can't seem to feel any emotion except anxiety, not even for myself.

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Is it normal to blame myself for someone else's actions?

I'm a teenage girl, and my dad is an alcoholic. I hate being at home with him because he just stresses me out. He can be...

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Is it normal to cry during therapy?

I start counseling/therapy in a few days (I'm freaking out) but my main fear is that I'll cry and embarrass myself, is i...

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Is it normal to dislike one child?

I have three children. The oldest is nine and not my biological child. The middle child is three and the youngest is one...

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