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Is it appropriate to give my counselor a bottle of wine for Christmas?

I am an international student, and it is my first semester in graduate school in the United States. I faced a cultural s...

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Is it bad that I'm giving my ex-boyfriend another chance?

I was in a relationship with him for three years. My mom doesn't like it because she thinks I'm making a mistake. He got...

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Is it ethical for a social worker to ignore a client's phone calls?

I terminated my counseling relationship with a social worker several years ago. I am now realizing that I would like to...

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Is it healthy to embarrass a child as punishment?

My grandson's step-mother sends him to school with a pink Barbie backpack as a form of punishment.

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Is it normal for a pregnant woman to cry over everything?

I find myself crying over every little thing, like dropping a glass of water. Today, I got out of the shower and noticed...

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