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If I'm not with my boyfriend, I have emotional breakdowns

I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. He loves me a lot, and I love him. It hurts to be apart from him for...

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If parents are divorced, is it acceptable for a counselor to allow an ex-spouse to be present during a child's session?

Can a counselor take sides with one parent and allow a parent to order the child to tell the counselor "every detail" ab...

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Is it a normal practice for a team of doctors who are connected by state or profession to discontinue your treatment?

They discontinued treatment for no apparent reason after they thought to diagnose me with schizophrenia.

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Is it acceptable for me to find another home for my boyfriend's dog?

My boyfriend moved in with me a few months ago. I love him, but his dog is wrecking my house. Every day we get home, the...

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