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Does my daughter have a mental disability?

My daughter is in later elementary school. She can't color in the lines. Her words jumble together when she writes unles...

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Does my fiance need a service dog?

My fiance suffers from severe anxiety and depression. She has had it most of her life. Her anxiety in public places is t...

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Does my friend have depression?

I am really worried about one of my friends because I think he has major depression. He disagrees with me on that. He is...

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Escalating disagreements between mother and wife

My wife and mother are having tense disagreements. In the past, they've had minor differences. For example, my wife woul...

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How am I supposed to feel when I forgive someone?

My mom made a lot of mistakes a couple years back, and I can't seem to forgive her. I want to say that it's okay, but I...

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How can I atone for being cowardly?

I panicked over a minor parking lot mistake. It was totally my fault, but due to another insurance issue, I left a note...

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