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I'm scared to go to a doctor or take anti-depressants

A friend of mine taking psychology advised I go to my doctor to check if I have major depressive disorder. I'm afraid of...

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I'm scared to tell my family that I'm bisexual

My parents seem okay with other sexualities, but normally they only talk about being gay. When they do talk about bisexu...

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I'm soon to be married, and I've been messing around with others

I'm a man, and I'm soon to be married. I have been messing around with other men on the side. It started as a once in a...

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I'm starting to believe that I'm gay

In middle school and high school, my friends and family thought I was gay. I tried telling them, but they wouldn't belie...

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I'm struggeling with the idea of if God real or not?

Maybe this is a stupid question, but I sometimes don't know what's real or not. If feel at times like everyone's lying....

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I'm studying abroad, and I'm depressed

I'm supposed to stay here the rest of my academic life, but I've never liked it here, not even before I came. I've never...

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