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I'm in high school, and I want to be a psychologist

I just wanted to get to know one so I can hear about their college experience and the courses they took. I also wanted t...

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I'm in love with a sex offender, but my family doesn't accept him

I started dating a guy I met online. He told me that he registered sex offender but he didn't do anything. He took a ple...

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I'm just not happy with my marriage

He is verbally abusive. When he gets mad, he just yells at me. At times, I feel scared.

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I'm losing my husband because my lack of sex drive

I have no sex drive due to medical issues. I've shut down completely and closed everyone out. I've even told my husband...

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I'm not sure if I have social anxiety disorder

I feel too scared to meet people I don't know - even relatives. I don't ever raise my hand or talk in school. I feel lik...

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