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I'm dating a boy that my religious parents don't like, and I'm having trouble finding my identity

I'm a young adult woman, and I have trouble finding my true identity being at home. This all started when I had a boyfri...

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I'm depressed and unable to connect with people after my breakup

A girl and I were madly in love. We dated for over a year and were even talking about marriage and future plans together...

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I'm depressed because my mother kicked me out after having a child

I just had a newborn. When I brought him home, my mom told me to leave. Now I'm in a women's home. I don't see my boyfri...

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I'm depressed because my wife is divorcing me and I haven't seen my child in a while

I'm going through a divorce with my wife of three years, who I've known since the 4th grade and been involved with for s...

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