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I want to become a better man

I'm having relationship problems and I want to fix them to make things right before I lose her. How can I learn how to l...

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I want to get back with my kid's mother and be a family again

I regret ever hurting her and they mean the world to me. But it feels like nothing I do seem to work.I'll always love th...

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I want to make my own decisions

I have a mother who is still running my life even though I'm almost 30 years old. I want to move out and live my own lif...

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I want to stop physically abusing my girlfriend

I have anger issues that have worsened over the years because I've never dealt with my emotions. My anger has never been...

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I was duped into getting married to a therapist, but once her immigration status was secure, she bolted

How do I ever trust another woman? I have found myself constantly reading between the lines with every other woman that...

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