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Do I have social anxiety?

When I go to school, I feel like everyone is judging me, even my friends. I get overwhelmed which these thoughts and som...

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Do I have some type of anxiety?

Sometimes, I'm fine and can go out or meet people, but other days, my heart races and words physically cannot come out o...

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Do I leave my cheating husband or share him with someone?

I've been with my husband for eight years now. We have split twice before, and the first time was because he cheated. I...

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Do I text, call, or make contact first, the same day of the morning I left his house?

I've known him for about six years. We've dated off and on. I hadn't seen him in close to three years but recently start...

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Does it mean that he isn't the one God planned for me if we had sex as Christians?

I'm a Christian teenage girl, and I have lost my virginity. My boyfriend is a Christian teenager too, but things just go...

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