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I have a compulsion to fill in holes in my skin with ink

I never get infections or scars or anything, and it doesn't bother me if it gets filled up with blood or something, but...

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I have a son with my girlfriend, but she is emotionally abusive. What do I do?

I have a child with my baby mother. She works I take care of our young son. She says she is not cheating I have not foun...

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I have a tendency to not finish tasks I set my heart/mind to

I've been struggling with it for a test and I'm starting to believe it's something mental. What could it be?

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I have an old roommate who might be a psychopath

I was “mentored” by this guy for a few years spiritually. It was okay at times, but other times, it was just weird. I tr...

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I have anger issues. I am extremely explosive about the simplest things

I easily recognize this but have no control over it and need suggestions for managing my anger.

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I have been in a relationship for a year and 7 months these few weeks have been bad

He's been losing feelings and he doesn't know why. I love him very very much. He sometimes thinks I'm obsessed when I'm...

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