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I feel like my life is pointless

I have absolutely nothing to do with my life but lay in bed on my phone or hangout with my one friend. I don't have a jo...

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I feel like my relationship is falling apart

My boyfriend and I have been arguing every night about the same thing. He also tells me that if I go visit my mother out...

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I feel like there is a wedge between my daughter and I

We live with my ex-partner's sister and her husband. We have been there for five years now. They are Hispanic and talk t...

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I feel really down all the time

I always feel like I'm not good enough and it literally is so hard living. I don't know how to talk to my parents about...

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I found my boyfriend talking to his ex-girlfriend

About a month ago, I went through my boyfriend's phone and found him messaging his ex-girlfriend that he was dating befo...

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I get depressed whenever anyone I care about is too busy to be with me. What do I do?

My last relationships have ended horribly. They just up and abandoned me. One of them I have never gotten closure with o...

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