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I always feel depressed

I think about death all the time because I feel so alone. I want someone to love and someone to love me.

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I always feel the need to tell people everything

Whenever I don't tell my friends or anyone what I did or stuff that's not really important, I feel terrible, like there'...

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I am 18 years old with a baby on the way

Me and the father of my child have been dating for a year. We had a big argument and at first he wanted to work it out....

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I am 20 and miserable

I have no friends, no hobbies, and no interest in anything. I get annoyed with everything and everyone. I am always tire...

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I am afraid of sex

I am a female, and I am afraid of having sex. I am afraid of disappointing my partner by being inexperienced. I think he...

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I am bipolar and have been absolutely angry for over the last year at my daughter

She was raised by her abusive father and his wife. 30 years ago I shot and killed my rapist and was convicted in Louisia...

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