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How do you get over someone cheating on you when you are trying to make it work?

My boyfriend of five years told me he cheated on me during our relationship after we broke up. We've since gotten back t...

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How do you overcome an embarrassing mistake and forgive yourself?

I am becoming a Water Safety Instructor but I didn't have enough for a proper swimsuit. I was told by a boy in class tha...

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How should we punish our son for peeing his pants because of laziness?

He is an adolescent. He has peed his pant multiple times over the last few years, all at times when he is too wrapped up...

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How to help my best friend get over a break up?

I'm a female freshman in high school, and this question is for my male best friend. At the start of freshman year, we da...

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How will I check if there really is something wrong with me?

My boyfriend says I'm nuts. I need to get help because I get an overwhelming feeling that he is cheating on me. Whenever...

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