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How do I see a therapist without having healthcare?

I need to speak to someone about sexual addiction and binge eating immediately.

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How do I shake self-doubt about sex?

I get very nervous and anxious/scared before sex.

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How do I start taking initiative in my relationship?

I don't speak up if I'm uncomfortable and hardly ever make plans for us when we hang out. He is a very open and straight...

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How do I start talking again after a fight?

I haven't uttered one word to my boyfriend in days. Now I'm over it and don't know how to approach the situation?

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How do I stay when the spark is gone?

We had our first kid 15 years ago, and sex has been nonexistent ever since. It only happens every three or four months....

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How do I stop a bully who adults wouldn't recognize as bullying without speaking to the bully?

She mostly targets me on social media. The bullying used to be much worse, but it is still going on. The comments are so...

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