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How do I pick between two guys?

I'm dating a guy I really love. We have our problems, but I could see myself with him long term. But there's this other...

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How do I pick which parents house I want to live at?

My mom and dad got divorced four years ago. I had to finish out the school year with my dad, and now they are deciding w...

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How do I relieve stress and find balance?

I'm in my late 20s. I have two jobs right now, I'm in school, and I feel like I just have a lot under my belt right now....

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How do I remember and deal with things I did as a kid?

I did some horrible sexual things as a kid and I regret everything. Can someone help me cope with myself? Can someone he...

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How do I repair my friendship?

My best friend and I were pranking her friend, and I told her to tell him that she likes him. She said no, but I forced...

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