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How do I handle all of my stress?

I work two jobs and go to school for criminal justice. Over the summer, my father had a stroke. It was very devastating....

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How do I handle being wanted in a relationship when I'm used to feeling unwanted?

I've always thought that there wasn't much good out there for me. Now that things are actually going well, it kind of sc...

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How do I handle getting the silent treatment from my boyfriend?

When my boyfriend gets in a snit, he gives me the silent treatment for days. When I ask what is wrong, I get nothing: no...

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How do I handle my binge eating?

I have a problem with binge eating, especially during times of stress. I binge eat and feel so overwhelmed with shame an...

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How do I handle my fiance always telling me how bad of a job I'm doing in making them happy?

My fiance is always letting me know how I am a horrible/evil person, or I just don't care enough when it's about her fee...

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