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How do I get over rape trauma syndrome?

I was kidnapped at fourteen and raped at gunpoint. The guy got six months. When the same thing happened with two "friend...

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How do I get over the man I had an affair with?

We got into arguments, and we would break if off but start it back up again. We clicked, or so I thought. We are both ma...

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How do I get rid of depression?

I've been feeling worthless, unaccomplished, and so frustrated. I want to break things, hit myself, run away, kick, scre...

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How do I get rid of my nightmares?

I have been having horrendous nightmares this whole month.

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How do I get to know myself?

I am a single mother. As a child, I was molested by my mother's boyfriend. I never knew my father. I started having chil...

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