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How do I find a therapist for my family as a minor?

I'm a teenager. My entire family needs family therapy, and more than likely individual therapy. My parents refuse to tak...

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How do I find happiness after my boyfriend passed away?

I loved him more than anything. He passed away on our anniversary which was also the day I was going to apply for our ap...

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How do I find myself?

I don't know what to say. I have never really known who I am.

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How do I find out the cause of my depression and anxiety?

I have been feeling more and more down for over a month. I have started having trouble sleeping due to panic attacks, bu...

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How do I fix my marriage?

My wife just last week said she wants a divorce and it's all sudden. I understand that marriages have their ups and down...

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How do I fix or leave a bad relationship?

My ex-boyfriend and I have been back and forth for over a year now. He's in his late 20s, divorced for like five years n...

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