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Can a person be mean towards another person if that person was treated poorly before?

I keep being mean to my best friend, and I don't know why all the time. I did come to maybe some kind of conclusion that...

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Can anxiety make me think I heard something about me?

When I'm around people, I sometimes think someone has made a comment to me or asked me to do something. I will be focusi...

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Can hypnosis allow me to recall trauma from 35 years ago?

I know I was molested as a child, but I have no memory of it.

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Can I control anxiety without medication?

I had a head injury a few years ago and my mind races all the time. I have trouble sleeping and have a lot of anxiety. E...

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Can I get over PTSD on my own?

I have PTSD from childhood events and other traumas as an adult. I have panic attacks, nightmares, anger, and at times d...

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