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How can I stop thinking so negatively about myself?

I'm depressed and recently went through a break up. It's like every guy I like only wants me for sex. I think I'm ugly,...

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How can I stop worrying much?

I have a bad habit of thinking and worrying about what others may think of me. I really want to stop it and enjoy things...

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How can I take care of my depression from a breakup?

I have been falling into a deep depression where I can no function during the day and night. The only time I am at peace...

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How can I take my emotional support animal to school?

I have severe anxiety and have tried everything. Everything makes it worst.The only thing that helps is my emotional sup...

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How can I talk to my psychologist about upping my dose of Xanax?

I've been on 0.5 mg of Xanax twice a day for the past month. It hasn't been helping me at all, but when I take 1 mg duri...

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How can I tell my dad I'm a female-to-male transgender and I want to start binding?

I have known I was always different. This year, in December, I found out that I never felt female. I did research and ha...

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