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How can I slow down and enjoy life?

I feel like my time is going too fast

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How can I stop abusing alcohol?

I have bipolar II disorder, I'm addicted to alcohol and weed, and I'm hopeless. I keep drinking even though it's harming...

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How can I stop being so angry?

I have not been able to really sleep. I stay up all times of the night not even knowing why. Every day, I feel like I ha...

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How can I stop being so emotional all the time over worthless stuff?

I was never like this. Recently this year (my first year of high school), I started getting emotional for no reason.

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How can I stop myself from making poor choices and hurting the one I love?

I've been in a relationship for over a year. He's cheated and lied. I heard he's married, but he says he's not. Everythi...

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