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How can I have a better sex life when I don't like sex?

My husband and I have been married for seven years, and in that time, we have only had sex four or five times. Others ha...

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How can I have a normal sex life with my significant other when I keep having triggers from past sexual abuse?

I'm fine when we start becoming intimate, but out of nowhere, I will get a flashback of what happened to me in the past....

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How can I help my daughter with her severe depression and her obsessive form of thinking?

I am on my own with my daughter. I am so worried and stressed about her.

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How can I help my husband after a suicide attempt?

After he got home from the hospital he was angry, then for a time wonderful. Now he is depressed and hopeless again.

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How can I help my kids get along?

For the last year, my adolescent son and daughter have been driving me nuts with fighting. I'm at my wits end. How can I...

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How can I help my son succeed in life when he refuses it?

When my son was a teenager, we sent him to live with his dad because of the constant disrespectful attitude. A week afte...

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