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How can I get my boyfriend to see my point of view when we argue?

I had to go to the emergency room today to get an X-ray of my spine. My boyfriend didn't want to sit there and wait with...

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How can I get my ex-girlfriend back?

She said she needed space after three days of dating, and she got a boyfriend a week later. I still really miss her, and...

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How can I get my fianc to notice me again?

My fianc and I have almost the best relationship every girl wants, but lately it's changed. I get less attention and lit...

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How can I get my mother to listen to me without her freaking out?

My mother and I have an okay relationship. I know she loves me unconditionally, and I love her the same. However, more t...

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How can I get over my depression and grief?

My dad passed away when I was a teenager. I never got any help, and five years later, I feel like I can't handle it anym...

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How can I get over my ex-boyfriend cheating on me?

It's been almost a year since my ex-boyfriend broke up with me after he cheated on me many times. I had found out about...

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