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How can I feel so empty even though I'm only in my early teens?

My life is completely normal, yet I feel empty inside. I feel as if I already know why I'm alive: to reproduce and die.

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How can I find myself again?

I just don't know what I want in life anymore. I'm can't figure out what it is that is keeping me distracted and unfocus...

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How can I forgive myself?

Something happened this summer that I cannot forgive myself for. When I think about what happened, I feel ashamed and gu...

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How can I free myself from my narcissistic, codependent, ill mother?

I'm in my mid-twenties now, and my boyfriend of seven years and I want to start a life. My mother is 100% codependent on...

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How can I get back to being the person I truly am?

I feel like I am not at a good state of mind. I'm very unsettled in my soul. I'm not happy with myself or the decisions...

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How can I get clarity for myself and move on in a healthy manner?

I have recently separated from my husband whom I have been with for 5 years. Throughout our 5 years together, I have sto...

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