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How can I convince my mother I have anxiety and panic attacks?

I've been dealing with this for years. My mom thinks I'm overly emotional and refuses to offer any help, like therapy or...

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How can I cope with depression?

In the last ten months, I've been kicked out, moved around three times, worked many jobs, stopped school to make money,...

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How can I create a better relationship with my adoptive mother?

We just cannot seem to get along. I cannot have a conversation with her without it turning into World War 3. She treats...

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How can I deal with a break up?

My and I broke up. He cheated on me numerous times. I kept forgiving but questioning his every move. He got tired and le...

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How can I deal with flashbacks of trauma?

I was violently raped by another women who was my friend of 13 years. I'm having bad flashbacks. I'm scared to sleep bec...

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How can I deal with gender dysphoria in a positive way?

I'm transgender, I know I am, but I've only told a few friends. I know I can't tell my family because of previous conver...

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