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Why does my granddaughter instantly switch moods?

She was diagnosed a type one diabetic two years ago and had a very tough time dealing with it. She has an attachment iss...

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Why does my husband like dressing as a female in our bedroom?

He wants to wear makeup and heels. He even tucks his penis away to resemble a vagina. He wants me to wear a strap on and...

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Why does my mom show more love to my brothers than me?

She treats me like I'm not in her presence. She's always yelling at me for no reason. She gives more respect to my broth...

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Why does my spouse tell me he doesn't want me, but also gets jealous of me?

My spouse decided he no longer wanted me six years ago. Things have deteriorated so badly that we have separated but sti...

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Why does the voice in my head never stop?

From the moment I wake up, I hear what I think is my voice in my head. Even now, I hear it saying every word I'm thinkin...

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Why don't I feel normal?

I don't feel like myself anymore. For example, I could walk up an entire flight of stairs before realizing that my legs...

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