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Why do I think about how easy it would be to hurt cute animals?

Sometimes, when I look at my pet cat, I think about how innocent he is and how somebody could hurt or kill him. It makes...

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Why do I throw all my stuff away?

I constantly have this urge to throw away all my stuff. It's constantly on my mind and makes me feel anxious. I don't sl...

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Why do I want to be the opposite sex so much?

I got sick really bad and was throwing up for three days and nights. I thought I was going to die. Then about a week lat...

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Why do my boyfriend and I have such trouble communicating?

We've been together almost three years. We argue and he ends it by telling me he doesn't love me. It's hurtful because I...

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Why do some people try to make a joke for everything and laugh at everything?

These "jokes" are made about everything. They seem to have the need to say something "funny" about everything. It's not...

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Why does it feel as if self-harm is an addiction?

I self-harm, and I stop for awhile. Then when I see something sad or depressing, I automatically want to self-harm.

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