The Secrets to Parenthood: Tips and Advice to Help You On your Parental Journey

Parenthood is one of the most amazing journeys a person can take, filled with beauty, and wonder, and lots of love. It is not uncommon though for you to get confused along the way, or need answers, raising children is a hard task. However this article will provide you with helpful tips that will point you in the right direction.

When you live in a neighborhood with trusted neighbors and the children go to the same school or schools along the way, take advantage of carpools if you can. This will save you from needing to take your children to and bring them from school every day. Your children will also get to socialize with the neighbors more. Your gas is saved, and so is your time.

If you are a mom who plans to breastfeed make sure to tell your family and friends because there will be moments of stress and doubt and it will get hard. In those moments it is good to have friends and family who will be there to support you and encourage you.

Another thing you should be prepared for when you decide to have kids is handling PTSD. As a mom, especially if you went through natural birth you might begin to develop signs of PTSD, which stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is necessary to go get professional help and post traumatic stress disorder treatment as this might affect how you bond with your baby. Children could also end up with post traumatic stress syndrome which if not tackled could lead to them having issues when they are older. Watch out for PTSD symptoms in your children especially after things that could be scarring, like them finding a spider in their bathwater, or falling off a chair. This could lead to phobias later in life like fear of spiders or fear of heights, or other things which could give them more complex PTSD. Get trauma treatment for them once you think it necessary.

It is also very important to listen to your children when they need to talk to you. Always. A lot of the time, personal life can get in the way and make you angry when your child is trying to share something with you. Avoid this as it will make your child feel dismissed. Always listen, and let them know their feelings are valid.

Maintain your authority. Children can be a tricky bunch, and once they outnumber you and your spouse, even just three to two, they will try to gang up on you. A way to avoid this is to speak to your children separately, one after the other. Sitting them down together to talk to them is a complete no, as they will have a harder time taking you seriously. Deal with them one after the other and you may only call them back together after each individual talk.

If you have twins, a good stroller can be of great help. Make sure to choose a twin stroller that suites you at the time. The side to side stroller can be great when the babies are younger, allowing them to see everything around them but as they get older, this will also allow them to mess with each other. When this time comes, switch to a back-to-back stroller to make things easier.

Put your children on a routine. Children generally do better when their day is planned and they know what's next. Not only does it groom discipline, but it gives purpose to each day. A few surprises here and there will keep things from being boring, but it should always be good surprises.

For festive periods, birthdays included, try helping your child make presents, instead of just carting them off to shop. This will give you extra time with your child and also give your child a creative gift. (This is for gifts going to other people, perhaps a friend or relative.)

Raise your kids to have a healthy self esteem and confidence level. If you don't you will risk ending up raising a child with depression issues. Never withhold compliments. They need them. Remind them that they are strong, smart, and beautiful people who can handle anything, and that you believe in them.

No one has all the answers in parenthood, but applying these tips will certainly give you a head start to ensure the health of your child, as well as you.