Psychosexual Therapy: An Effective Way to Stop Smoking

Have you tried so many times to quit smoking, but was unsuccessful? No matter how many times you have tried this in the past, with effective sex counseling or psychosexual therapy, this time you will be successful. The only thing you need to make sure before going for therapy or counseling is, recognize triggers, be mentally prepared for the sessions, and have a plan in place that will help you start a new and refreshing life ahead. If you too are looking to know the best ways to beat this habit, you are on the right page. This blog covers a few tricks to quit smoking smartly. Let’s dig in.  

1. Replace Smoking with Chewing Gum
Many times when you decide to leave a bad habit, it is only possible when it is replaced with a positive one. Chewing gum is one of the best alternatives to stop smoking. It uses your mouth and jaw in the same way as smoking does. It is one of the healthy and easiest ways to keep you when working toward quitting the bad habit of smoking.
2. Cut Back Drinking Habits that Trigger the Cravings of Nicotine
A person is more liable to nicotine addiction when they drink alcohol. So, if you regularly drink alcohol, you should cut back on your habit to reduce your craving of nicotine.
3. Incorporate Deep Breathing Exercise in Your Schedule
Try to add deep breathing exercises in your schedule, whenever you feel to smoke. This will not only help you calm down but also help you control yourself and stop the urge before you begin to think about smoking.
4. Stay Away from Alcohol and Coffee that Triggers a Feeling to Smoke
Coffee and alcohol have nicotine and strongly trigger a feeling to smoke, so it is advisable to stay away from them. Also, smokers usually feel like to smoke after eating, so it is a good idea to involve yourself in some activity, such as cleaning your teeth or washing the dishes to avoid smoking.
5. Exercise Rigorously to Blow Off Some Steam to Keep Yourself from Smoke
One of the most effective ways to stay away from the craving of nicotine is doing rigorous exercises daily. As an added bonus, this will also help you improve your health more frequently if you really want to quit smoking.
6. Avoid Smoking Triggers
Alcohol, coffee, and other eatables are common triggers for many smokers. If you are planning to quit smoking, try to avoid eatables that promote triggers. If coffee is your trigger, for a couple of weeks, avoid drinking coffee for a few days and drink tea. If you like to smoke after your meal, involve yourself in some other activity such as taking a walk or brushing your teeth.
7. Set Date to Determine Smaller Goals
Be clear with your goals at every stage of the quitting process. You can set your goals by setting a date to determine the gap for which you have relied on smoking. Set next target date to cut back on your smoking habit more, and stick to every date without excuses.
8. Avoid Carrying Cigarettes All Time With You
If you avoid carrying your cigarettes, you will find inconvenient and harder to smoke and you will be able to cut back on your smoking habits. This will eventually help you quit smoking and get good health.
9. Go for Psychosexual or Nicotine Replacement Therapy
Joining nicotine replacement or psychosexual therapy session is one of the best ways to quit smoking. If you do not want to go for such a session, consult your doctor for a prescription. They will prescribe you medications that can reduce your nicotine cravings by altering your brain chemistry. Taking these medicines may aid you and get you over the hump.
Final Word
Deciding to quit smoking is not that easy for smokers. But if you are dedicated to getting rid of this habit, put the tips in practice that have been provided to you. Controlling yourself for a day or even for an hour will help you make a great change in your life and live a healthy and fit life.